.NET APIs for Most Commonly Used File Formats

Create, manipulate, convert, compare, search, sign & view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, PDF, and more than 100 other file formats in .NET.

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Conholdate.Total for .NET is the most complete package of all .NET APIs as offered by Aspose & GroupDocs. It empowers the developers to perform a wide range of document processing tasks from within their own .NET based applications. This .NET package is an all-in-one solution for all types of document managements systems because it offers the ability to create, edit, print, view, annotate, compare, sign, automate, search & convert between a wide range of popular document formats.


Conholdate.Total for .NET includes the following document manipulation APIs for .NET:

Aspose.Total for .NET

Aspose.Total for .NET

Aspose.Total for .NET offers a complete range of .NET APIs enabling the developers to create, manipulate, print & convert Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats in .NET applications.

GroupDocs.Total for .NET

GroupDocs.Total for .NET

GroupDocs.Total for .NET comprises of APIs that can be used to develop .NET applications having the ability to view, convert, annotate, compare, sign, assemble, edit, search and parse most commonly used document formats.

API Features

Rasterize Documents and Convert them into SVG, HTML & CSS

Convert Text to HTML and Render Documents to get HTML, Image or PDF Representation

Faster Loading Time using Cached Versions of Documents

Convert Presentations with Shapes and Text with 3D Effects

Encode Word, Excel and Email Documents to Desired Encoding Standard

Render Documents located at FTP or Cloud Storage Locations

Excluding Fonts when Rendering to HTML to reduce Resultant File Size

Minify CSS & HTML Output by Removing Comments, Extra White-Spaces etc.

Read the Text Contained in a Source Document through its Coordinates

Show/Hide the Grid Lines of Excel Sheets in Output Representation

Specify the Number of Rows in an Excel sheet to be rendered on Each Page

Ignore Empty Columns while Rendering Spreadsheet Documents

Render Word Documents into HTML Pages, Images or PDF, with Track Changes

Render Email Attachments as Original Files, Images or in HTML representation

Set printing restrictions on PDF documents

Render Content/Files contained in ZIP Archives as Attachments

Obtain Attachments from Password Protected Documents

Render Programming Languages File Formats as Plain Text

Adjust Background Colors when Viewing CAD Drawings

View Excel documents and Convert to PDF, HTML, JPG & PNG

Get Worksheet Names from Excel file – Display Spreadsheet Column Headings and Row numbers

View & Convert Microsoft Project Documents with Notes

Convert CAD Drawings to SVG for better Viewing & Zooming Experience

Choose to Render Visio Figures without Scheme

Works with Multiple Data Formats

Capable to Manipulate Data using Formulae & Sequential Data Operations

Format Strings in Template Syntax to be Upper, Lower, Capital, FirstCap

Perform Ordinal, Cardinal, Alphabetic Numeric Formatting in Template Syntax

Define Variables in Template Documents & Support Text Comments within Template Syntax Tags

Dynamically Insert Contents of Outer Documents to your Reports

Dynamically Generate Barcode Image in Reports & Set Background Color for HTML Documents

Dynamically Assign Attributes to Email Message Body & Insert Hyperlinks in Reports

Dynamically Build Email Message Attachments

Support for Analogue of Microsoft Word NEXT Field

Update Fields while Assembling Word Processing Documents

Calculate Formula while Assembling Spreadsheet Documents

Format Numeric, Text, Image, Chart, Date-Time Elements of Template

Loading & Saving Assembled POT & OTP Presentation Document Formats

Use LINQ-Based Syntax for Template & Perform Conditional Text Formatting of Template Elements

Change File Format of the Assembled Document using File Extension or Explicit Specs

Ordered List Supported for Markdown - Save Newly Assembled Emails & Word Documents to Markdown

Supports Reports of Numerous Types, e.g., Charts, Lists, Tables, Images and more

Inline Template Syntax Errors in Generated Documents instead of Exception Throwing

Load Template Documents from HTML with Resources and Save Assembled Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Emails to HTML with Resources

Dynamically Add Restart List Numbering in Word Document Formats and Email with HTML & RTF Bodies

Dynamically Insert images & documents from Base64-encoded bytes and adjust checkbox value settings of Word documents

Stretch Image in Textbox of Word, Excel, Presentations & Emails while Preserving the Image Ratio

Dynamically Add Links and Bookmarks to Document Formats and Name the Cell Ranges of Excel Spreadsheets

Identify Built-in & Custom Metadata

Retrieve & Remove Hidden Data in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF

Run-time Recognition of Document File Type

Ability to Detect/Remove Digital Signatures

Identify Password Protection & Support for the Matroska Multimedia Container

Retrieve Thumbnails & Render Image Previews for Supported Formats

Detect MIME Type of a Specific File or File Stream

Generate Image Previews for EPUB, CAD, EML & MSG Files

Use Defined Key to Read Metadata Property of Supported Formats

Read Metadata of Email Messages & Parse OpenType Font Files

Read Matroska subtitles and retrieve Metadata of Audio & Video Files

Get Metadata of Archive formats & Torrents

Compare Metadata Properties of Supported Formats & Identity Differences or Similarities

Search Metadata Properties of Files and Enumerate any Type of Metadata

Replace Metadata Properties of Supported File Formats

Extract Metadata from Microsoft Excel Files Starting from Excel 95

Find Photos Made on Specific Camera

Import Images Metadata Properties & Remove Location Info from Photos

Remove Metadata & Comments From Reports and Documents

Extract Text Metadata from PNG Image files

Reducing Memory Consumption of Documents & Images

Update EXIF Metadata Properties in WEBP, PNG & PSD Files

Extract XMP Metadata Properties in MOV, MP3 & WEBP Files

Add, Update and Delete IPTC Metadata Packages in TIFF Images

Easy Integration & Metered Licensing

Set Default Zoom Option when Converting to Words, Slides or Cells

Convert to/from all Popular Raster Image Formats & Assign Image DPI, Height & Width

Convert PDF & Image to Grayscale & Linearize PDF Document for the Web

Specify Bookmark Level, Heading Level and Expanded Level in Word to PDF/XPS Conversion

Configure & Place Watermark in Converted Document as Background to Display Behind Text

Render Email Header during Conversion from Email

Set Custom Font Directories & Explicitly Load/Substitute Font during Document Conversion

Set Default Font to Replace Missing Fonts for Documents, Slides & Spreadsheets Conversion

Advanced Conversion Methods to return the Output as Path or IO Stream

Convert Spreadsheet with Grid-lines & Remove Comments from Slides While Conversion

Convert Specific Document Pages as PDF Format & Convert Specific Cell Range in Spreadsheets

Show Hidden Sheets & Skip Empty Rows and Columns while Converting Spreadsheets

Count Total Pages of a Document & Set Password to Unprotected Document during Conversion

Option to Remove Annotations & Embedded Files from PDF

Create HTML 5 Compliant Markup when Converting to HTML

Auto-detect Source Type & Return all Possible Conversions when Converting from Stream

Ability to Return Each Page in Separate Stream while Converting to PDF or HTML

Show/Hide Markup, Comments & Track Changes while Converting from Word

DOCX to Tiff G3 Conversion with Shading Option

Convert Specific Layouts when Converting from CAD Document

Automatic Naming when Saving Converted Document to File

Metered Licensing Supported to be Billed based on the Usage of the API

Convert Diagrams to Word Processing File Formats

Add Page Numbers while Converting HTML to Wordprocessing Document

Convert XML Documents to Any Format without Transformation

Monitor File Conversion Progress (Start, End) Directly from Client-side Application

Identify Differences in Content and Font Styles

Save a Summarized Report of All Differences Found after File Comparison

Apply or Reject Changes after Analyzing Differences and Export Resulting File

Support for Microsoft Word “Track Changes” Functionality while Comparing Word Files

Uniquely Spot Changes Coming from Each Document being Compared

Read and Send Documents via Streams

Metered Licensing – Billing According to API Usage

Compare Multiple Source Documents with a Single Target Document

Compare Specific Pages of Word Files with each other – Accept or reject all changes in a single Word Document

Merge up to 3 Word Documents and Compare Formulae used in Word Files

Get Information about Documents from filePath

Save HTML Comparison Result as Images

Option to Show or Hide Deleted Content

Option to Turn Style Comparison of Documents ON or OFF

Specify Strings to Mark Inserted, Deleted & Style Change Items in Comparison Document

Specify Word Separator & Font Color to Stylize Compared Text

Calculate Correct Coordinates of Changes in PDF, Word, PowerPoint Slides & Diagrams

Compare Password Protected Files

Compare Chart Titles in Spreadsheets – Generate Chart in the resulted Cells Files

Autosize the auto-shapes in resulted file of Cells document

Access Detailed Summary Page to Detect Changes Between Source & Target Document Files

Compare Most Popular Programming & Scripting Language Files

Compare Multiple (more than two) PDF, Word, Excel, Diagram, Email, Text & OneNote Documents

Compare Header & Footer of Supported File Formats

Compare Bookmarks, Variables & Custom Properties of Word Document Formats

Add, Edit & Remove Annotations and Replies

Export Annotations to Document

Metered License – Controlled Billing by Paying According to API Usage

Single Function Call to Fetch All Annotations of a Document

Assign Value to Point Annotation or Move Existing Point Value

Add Link Annotation to PDF, Word & PowerPoint Slides

Set Background Color of an Annotation or Remove all the Annotations from Document

Annotate PDF files with Accuracy – Get Image Representation of PDF Document & Cache Page Previews

Get Text Coordinates of Text Annotation in Image Representation of Document

Link User Comments to Area Annotation & Support for Nested Comments

Use Arrow Annotation for pointing to Particular Content

Use Distance Annotation to Draw a Line that Represents Distance among Objects

Point based Annotation that when Clicked Pops Window to Add Comments

Create a Connected Sequence of Line Segments Created as a Polyline Annotation

Create Straight Line Segments, Arc Segments, or a combination of the both

Mark Document Areas Proposed for Redaction

Add Image Annotation to PDF, Diagrams, Word, Excel, Presentations & Images

Add Text Field & Text based Stamp or Watermark in Document

Strike Through, Underline or Replace Particular Text in a Document

Resize Annotation by assigning new Height & Width Parameters

Get Thumbnails of Document Pages. Manage a Variety of Annotated Docs for Images & Diagrams

Export Annotations to & Work with Multi-page TIFF files

Adjust Vertical and Horizontal Alignment for Watermark Annotation

Add Text Horizontal Alignment for Text Field

Get information about document text lines (text, width, height, indents)

Create, Search, Update, Hide, Verify and Delete e-Signatures from Supported Document Formats

Specify XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) for Excel Spreadsheets

Retrieve Image Content from Documents Signed with QR-Code, BarCode & Image Signatures

Set Height, Width, Margins & Alignment for Text or Image Signature & Place on Specific Page

Search, Verify and Digitally Sign PowerPoint Presentation Documents

Sign Word Processing Document Formats with Native Text Watermarks

Supports Rounded Corners for Rectangular Stamp Signature Types

Apply Text or Image Signature on Specific Excel Sheet or Set eSignature across all Sheets

Specify Particular Row & Column Number to Place Text or Image Signature in Excel Sheet

Apply Shadow to Text Signature in Microsoft PowerPoint & Setup its Color, Angle & Transparency

Configure Text Signature Border Styles & Font Options for Excel Sheets

Set Image Signature Type, e.g. Round or Square & Configure Margins, Font Color, Rotation

Apply Digital Certificates to Documents, Spreadsheets & PDF File with Signature Line

Perform Color Settings, Apply Transparency & Rotation to Text Signature

Setup Brightness & Grayscale Options & Specify Indentation of Image Signature in an Image

Embed Custom Objects, Serialize as well as Encrypt and Decrypt Metadata Signature Values of PDF Document

Hide, Remove or Customize the Appearance of Digital Signatures from PDF Documents

Sign PDF Documents with Digital Form Field, and Text Signature as Image, Annotation, Sticker or Watermark

Put Text Signature into Form Fields of MS Word & PDF Documents

Specify Arbitrary Pages of Documents for Processing Signature or eSignature Extended Verification for Word Files

Save Signed Image File in Different Format & Export Signed Spreadsheet as Image or Multi-Page TIFF

Assign, Modify & Remove Password to Signed Files & Apply eSignature to Password Protected Files

eSign Worksheets, PowerPoint Slides, Word Documents & Images with Custom Objects in Metadata

Setup Signature Brush Styles as Solid, Texture, Linear Gradient & Radial Gradient

Sign Documents with Custom Encrypted QR-Code Text or Data

Search & Sign Files with DjVu Format as Image Document

Extract Document Information, e.g., Page Count, through File URL

Search, Sign & Verify CorelDraw Files as Image Documents

Keep History of Processed or Deleted Signatures Information Stored in the Metadata

Add Custom Data Object, VCard or Email Object to QR-Code & Verify Encrypted QR-Code in PDF Files

Create Index in Memory or on Disk & Perform Multi-threaded Indexing & Merging

Prevent Indexing for Already Indexed Files or with a Specific String in its Name

View Progress Percentage of Index Creation and Updation & Get Search Report

Faster Indexing by Excluding Specific Words & Index Status Notification for Recently Processed Files

Index ZIP Archives within ZIP Archives & Get List of Indexed Files contained in an Archive

Use List or Import to Replace Characters during Indexing & Export them to a File

Index & Search Password Protected Files & Compact Indexing to Save Disk Space

Extract Text from Index or Source File & Automatically Save Text File Encoding in Index

Add Arbitrary Additional Fields to each Document during Indexing

Set up Document Filtering in Search Results

Handle Typing Mistakes through Fuzzy Search, Set Similarity Level in Fuzzy Search & Display Best Results Only

Index Documents from Streams and Data Structures

Search Complete Phrase with Stop Words and Combine Faceted Search with Boolean Search

Search based on Homophonic Terms, Synonyms, Date Range, Wild Cards & Case Sensitivity

Index & Search Emails from Outlook & Browse using Aspose.Email API

Supports Spell Check & Wild Cards in Search Queries & Skip Special Characters in Search Phrases

Limit Results for Each Term in Search Query as well as for All Results

Extract HTML Text to a File & Generate URL to Navigate HTML-Formatted Search Results

Combine Multiple Queries into Single Object Tree

Alert User for Non-Supportive Settings & Auto-Index Reload in case of Indexing Error

Enable Exact Number of Occurrences for each Found Word to Offer Alternative Word Suggestions in case of Misspelling

Add Text Attributes to Indexed Documents without Re-indexing

Perform Indexing and Searching Operations Based on Characters

Index Metadata of Non-Textual Document Formats

Statistically Count Word Occurrence in Single or Multiple Files

Extract Text and Metadata from Excel Worksheets and Presentation Templates

Extract Text Content from a File or Stream without Installing Document Reader

Get Formatted Text from a Document using Fast or Standard Text Extraction Mode

Detect the Media Type of Password Protected XML Documents & Pull Text from them

Programmatically Get Formatted Text from Within Emails & Attachments

Draw Out Text from Single or Multiple Pages of OneNote Document

Extract Data from PDF, MS Word, Excel and Presentation Documents

Extract Data from the PDF Forms & Take Out Text from Simple PDF File or a PDF Portfolio Document

Get Formatted Text from PowerPoint Presentation or Drive out Text from Specific Slide

Gather Raw or Formatted Text from Cells, Rows, and Columns from Excel Spreadsheet

Extract Raw or HTML Formatted Text from Word Document

HTML Formatter Supports Formatting of Paragraph, Hyperlink, Font, Headings, Lists & Tables

Pull Out Single Sentence or Whole Text from EPUB, CHM, Markdown & FB2 Files

Excerpt Table of Contents from Databases, PDF, EPUB, CHM & Word Processing Documents

Pull Out Text with its Content Structure Intact & Excerpt Highlighted Text from Documents

Obtain Text Area from Documents for Analysis & Draw out Metadata from Supported Document Formats

Obtain All or Selected Images from Supported Formats & Rotate Extracted Image(s)

Take Out Text from Files within Zip Archives & OST Containers & Detect file types of ZIP Container Items

Get Data from Email Container (Exchange Web Server, POP3, IMAP)

Search Simple Text, Whole Word & Regular Expression within Documents

Prepare Document Template, Extract Data from Document and Analyze Data Fields & Tables

Search and Extract Highlighted Expressions in Documents

Get Text with Plain Text Formatter (Simple & ASCII) or with Markdown Formatter

Markdown Formatter Supports Formatting of Font, Hyperlinks, Headings, Lists & Tables

Perform Custom Formatting with Edges, Angles, and Intersections to Format Plain Text

Move Table Layout & Detect Tables in a Rectangular Area by Column Separators

Extract Text from Shapes, WordArt Objects & Text Boxes within Microsoft Office File Formats

Extract Images to Files – Save to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PNG or WEBP Formats

Add or Remove Watermarks from a Particular Section or whole Document of Various File Formats

Attach Watermark to all Images in a Particular Section, Page, Slide, or Document

Assign Watermark to only Particular Frames of a Multi-Framed Image

Allocate Hidden Watermark to PDF that only Appears when Printing Document

Set Watermark to all Attachments in an Excel Document & all Image Shapes in Slides

Place Watermark or Remove it from the Background Images of Spreadsheet or Slides

Employ Watermark to Supported Files in all Attachments of an Email or PDF Document

Apply or Remove Watermark as XObjects, Artifacts & Annotations in PDF Documents

Eliminate Watermark Containing Text with Particular Formatting

Look for Image Watermarks that Resemble a Particular Image

Identify Text Watermark Even if there are Unreadable Characters between Letters

Search Watermarks Based on Specific Parameters or by Combining Multiple Criteria

Specify Font Formatting to Look for Matching Text Watermark

Programmatically Extract Page Setup & Other Information for Supported Formats

Add Watermark to Images inside any Header & Footer in Supported Document Formats

Add Watermark to Image Shapes in a Word Document & Lock Watermarks to Restrict Editing

Protect Text Watermark using Unreadable Characters in Presentations

Rasterize Particular Page or Whole PDF Document to Protect Added Watermarks

Change Text Formatting While Replacing Existing Text Watermark

Align Watermark to Bleed Box, Art Box, Crop Box, or Trim Box in PDF Document

Edit Shape Properties in Microsoft Visio Documents

Easy Integration with any HTML Editor

Convert Document to HTML DOM

Fetch HTML Content from Document Stream

Get HTML Content & its Embedded Resources

Obtain HTML Body Tag Content from Document

Get CSS Content of HTML Document

Traverse HTML Content and Save its Resources

Fetch HTML DOM from String Content & Convert to Document

HTML DOM along with Resources Conversion

Edit Documents of Various Formats in HTML

Accurate Conversion

Apply Security to Resultant Document

Paginate Word Processing Documents and Edit in Any WYSIWYG Editors

Database (DB) & User Interface (UI) Agnostic

Powerful XML Processing Features

Retrieve OTF (Open Type Fonts) from Input Documents and Export to Resultant Document

Process EMF Vector Images Internally within Supported Input Document Formats

Insert Contents of Edited Worksheet into the Original Spreadsheet on a Desired Position

Add SmartArt Elements in PowerPoint File Formats

Embed Fonts in Resultant Word Processing Document while Saving

Combine & merge multiple pages, slides & diagrams into a single document

Split and break large documents into multiple smaller files

Rearrange, shuffle and reorganize pages, slides or diagrams

Swap and exchange two pages, slides or diagrams with each other within a document

Trim document by removing specific pages, slides or diagrams

Remove single or collection of pages, slides or diagrams

Stitch together large number of documents in batches

Programmatically check if a document is secured with password

Set, reset and remove password of known and unknown document formats

Fetch list of supported file formats – Split and Join Text (ERR) Log File Format

Rotate pages and change page orientation of known & unknown formats

Combine multiple files of different formats to DOC, DOCX & XPS

Splitting large text files by line numbers

Obtain image representations of document pages and diagram family formats

Join Images with Background Color for Empty Black Image Space

Merge Different Types of Documents (DOC, XLS, PPT etc) into A Single PDF File

Easily Import OLE Objects into Microsoft Word, Excel, Presentation and OpenDocument File Types

Add Other Documents to Diagram Page via OLE Objects

Perform case-sensitive search for exact phrase redaction

Use color box to hide redacted text instead of string replacement

Locate & redact out any text using regular expression search

Filter all or any combination of classified metadata information of document

Quickly erase complete metadata information of specific document

Set a scope of the redaction to a specific worksheet and/or column in Excel

Remove all or specific comments and other annotations from the document

Search & remove sensitive data from the annotation text

Ability to work with your own formats & redactions

Support for raster image formats and image region redactions

Specify a set of redaction rules (policy) in XML file

Specify Pages Range and PDF Compliance Level while Conversion to PDF

Edit or Delete EXIF Metadata from Image Files

Redact Embedded Images inside the PDF, Word & Presentation Documents

Save a Redaction Policy as an XML File

Classify documents by path using IAB‑2, Documents, Sentiment, or Sentiment3 taxonomies

Perform Raw Text Classification with IAB‑2, Documents, Sentiment, or Sentiment3 taxonomies

Sentiment Classification (Analysis) for English, Chinese, Spanish, and German

Choose the number of classified results to return

Work with PDF, Docs, OpenOffice and Rich Text documents

100% Working Examples & Demos are Given to Quickly Learn the Supported Features

Unlimited Free Technical Support Provided through Product Forums

Process a Multitude of File Formats

Conholdate.Total for .NET empowers you to build an incredibly versatile file processing system capable of handling many popular file formats. You can easily open, create, modify and inter-convert file formats.

Conholdate.Total for .NET currently supports following file types.

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Microsoft Outlook message and storage files
  • Microsoft Project files
  • Microsoft Visio files
  • Microsoft OneNote files
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • OpenOffice documents
  • Raster & Vector image files
  • 3D & CAD files
  • HTML files

Microsoft Office Automation – Not Needed

Conholdate.Total for .NET APIs are built using managed code that never needs Microsoft Office to be installed on the machine to work with supported document formats. It is a perfect Microsoft Office automation alternative in terms of supported features, security, stability, scalability, speed and price.

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