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Document & Image Watermark APIs for .NET & Java

Conholdate.Total provides features to add, search, and remove watermarks in different document formats. It supports watermarking methods that are challenging to be automatically removed by third-party tools.

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Powerful Watermarking for Documents

Conholdate.Total is a suit of APIs designed for adding watermarks to documents of different formats. It supports features such as adding text/image watermarks, searching and removing watermarks, modifying existing watermark objects, and more. The API ensures effective watermarking that is resistant to removal by third-party tools.

Key Features

Add Watermarks

Add text/image watermarks to supported document formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Search Watermarks

Search for watermarks in documents, including specific objects. Modify existing watermark objects.

Remove Watermarks

Remove text/image watermarks from supported document formats effectively.

Document Information Extraction

Obtain basic information about source documents, including file type, size, and page count.

Document Preview

Generate image representations of document pages for better understanding of content and structure. Preview supports PNG, JPG, and BMP formats.


Do you have a demo that I can quickly try?

Certainly! You can easily try out the watermarking process without writing any code by visiting our Document Watermark page.

What types of watermarks can be added?

Conholdate.Total supports adding text/image watermarks to various document formats. The supported watermark types vary by document format.

Can watermarks be searched and removed?

Yes, you can search for and remove text/image watermarks in supported document formats effectively.

Is document information extraction supported?

Yes, Conholdate.Total allows obtaining basic information about source documents.

What image formats are supported for document preview?

Document preview supports PNG, JPG, and BMP formats.

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