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Electronic Signature APIs

Electronic Signature APIs provide a comprehensive solution for applying and managing electronic signatures on documents using various methods such as text, image, digital, barcode/QR-code, metadata, and form-field signatures.

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Universal Electronic Signature Libraries for .NET & Java

Conholdate.Total is a powerful library that supports the application of electronic signatures to documents. It offers various signature implementations, including native text signatures, image signatures, digital signatures, barcode/QR-code signatures, metadata signatures, and form-field signatures. The library ensures easy integration, reliability, and security for adding electronic signatures to documents in .NET and Java applications.


Native Text Signatures

Apply native text signatures to documents using Conholdate.Total. Customize visualization effects, including opacity, colors, fonts, and more.

Image Signatures

Add image signatures to documents with options to specify extra image effects, rotation, and more using Conholdate.Total.

Digital Signatures

Apply digital signatures based on digital certificate files with support for various document types (PDF, Microsoft Word documents, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets).

Barcode/QR-code Signatures

Generate barcode/QR-code signatures with a variety of options for visualization using Conholdate.Total.

Generated Stamp-looking Image Signatures

Create stamp-looking image signatures based on predefined lines with custom text, colors, width, and more.

Metadata Signatures

Keep hidden signatures inside the document using metadata signatures in Conholdate.Total.

Form-field Signatures

Apply signatures to form fields in documents using Conholdate.Total.

Search for Signatures

Obtain a list of signatures applied to a document, including text, image, digital, barcode/QR-code, metadata, and form-field signatures.

Verify Signatures

Determine whether a document contains signatures that meet specified criteria. Supported signature types include text, digital, barcode/QR-code, metadata, and form-field signatures.

Document Information Extraction

Conholdate.Total allows you to obtain basic information about the source document, including file type, size, pages count, page height and width, useful for generating document previews and precise signature placement.

Preview Document Pages

Generate image representations of document pages for better understanding document content and structure, aiding in setting proper signature positions and styling.

Supported Image Formats for Document Preview



Do you have a demo that I can quickly try?

Certainly! You can easily try out the electronic signature process without writing any code by visiting our Document Signing Tool page.

What file formats does Conholdate.Total support for electronic signatures?

Conholdate.Total supports electronic signatures in various formats, including text, image, digital, barcode/QR-code, metadata, and form-field signatures.

Can I apply electronic signatures without other third-party applications?

Yes, Conholdate.Total allows you to apply electronic signatures without the need for additional third-party applications.

Is there a way to customize the appearance of the applied electronic signature?

Certainly! You can customize the appearance of your applied electronic signature, including font style, size, colors, and additional effects, to suit your preferences.

Can I preview the document pages with applied electronic signatures?

Yes, the document preview feature in Conholdate.Total allows you to generate image representations of document pages with applied electronic signatures for better understanding of the document content and structure.

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