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Document & File Processing APIs

Perform document processing tasks on Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats, using our native APIs for .NET & Java.

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Conholdate.Total Product Family Includes

Conholdate.Total for .NET
Conholdate.Total for

Target Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF or any type of application based on .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Conholdate.Total for Java
Conholdate.Total for

Native Java APIs for the desktop, web or any kind of application based on Java SE or EE.

Comprehensive File Format & Intelligent Document Processing APIs

Document & File Format Conversion

Conholdate.Total can convert various types of files, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Visio files to popular formats such as SVG, HTML, and CSS. It also supports text-to-HTML conversion, document rendering, and converting complex presentations with 3D effects and shapes. The API can also convert CAD drawings to SVG, and PDF and images to grayscale, and linearize PDF documents. It offers various customization options such as specifying bookmark and heading levels, adding watermarks, and assigning image DPI, height, and width.

Document Viewer & Reader

Conholdate.Total is a universal document viewer and reader API enabling users to view and read various file formats like PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, JPG, and PNG without installing any software. The API includes a thumbnail navigation bar and printing feature for easy document navigation and printing. It also offers conversion capabilities, such as converting Excel files to PDF, HTML, JPG, and PNG, and CAD drawings to SVG. The API supports a universal file reader for all Office documents, and allows users to adjust background colors when viewing CAD drawings and view Microsoft Project documents with notes.

Document & Image eSigning

The Document & Image eSigning API is a digital signature platform that supports a wide range of document and image formats, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, and JPEG. It offers various signature types, authentication and verification features, and tools for customizing signature fields. The API allows the addition of timestamps and metadata to signed documents for efficient management and tracking, making it a versatile eSignature platform for businesses and organizations across various industries.

Document Annotation

The Document Annotation API is a comprehensive tool that provides a range of features for annotating and marking up documents in various formats like PDF, DOCX, PPTX, PNG, and JPEG. The API includes annotation tools such as highlighters, text boxes, and arrows, and allows users to add unique stamps, watermarks, and signatures. It also enables users to export annotated documents in various formats, including popular ones like PDF and image formats, and redact sensitive information. Overall, the Document Annotation API is a valuable solution for businesses and organizations looking to streamline their document workflows and enhance collaboration.

Document Optimization & Compression

Conholdate.Total is also Document Optimization & Compression API that can optimize and compress various document formats, including PDF, DOCX, PPTX, PNG, and JPEG. It offers features such as reducing file size, removing unnecessary metadata, adjusting image resolution, and batch processing. These features can help businesses reduce storage costs, improve document transfer speeds, and optimize document workflows.

Document & Image Watermarking

The Document & Image Watermarking API allows companies to enhance document security and branding efforts. The API supports various document and image formats, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, and JPEG, and offers customizable text or image watermarking with placement, transparency, and rotation options. Additionally, the API provides security features like invisible watermarks and tamper detection, and supports batch processing for efficient watermarking of large volumes of documents.

Document Redaction

Developers can integrate Conholdate.Total’s Document Redaction API into their applications, enabling users to easily remove sensitive information from their Office, OpenOffice, and PDF documents using the API’s search and replace feature. With the API, users can securely and efficiently redact confidential information from their documents without the need for any software installations, ensuring the protection of their privacy and confidential information.

Document Comparison

Conholdate.Total’s Document Comparison API enables developers to seamlessly incorporate document comparison functionality into their own applications, allowing end-users to easily compare two files of the same format and detect differences. The API supports a wide range of file formats, such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, and others, making it possible to compare documents and identify discrepancies across multiple formats.

Document Merging & Splitting

Conholdate.Total offers two powerful document processing APIs to enhance application functionality. The Document Merge API seamlessly integrates merging capabilities for diverse file types, allowing customization of file order. The Document Splitting API provides an efficient solution for splitting PDFs, Word, Excel, and other files, supporting various formats and user-friendly options for customization.

Document Search

Conholdate.Total’s Search API is an efficient and reliable solution for developers to integrate document search capabilities into their applications, with support for a wide range of file formats such as PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Users can easily search for specific information within their documents, and the API provides precise results that include the text and its exact location in the document.

Document Protection

The Document Protection API offers developers a secure and reliable way to integrate password protection features into their applications. Supporting a variety of popular file formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice, PDF, and OneNote files, users can easily protect their sensitive documents with a password without any additional software installations.

Document Protection Removal

The Document Unlocking API by Conholdate.Total enables developers to integrate document unlocking features into their applications. With support for various popular file formats like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and PDF, users can easily unlock their password-protected documents without installing any additional software.

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